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Discover Premier Pet Sitting Services and Pet Sitters in Cape Town at What a Treat

Welcome to the heart of What a Treat, Cape Town's esteemed pet sitting service provider, where our dedicated and skilled team of pet sitters is poised to provide unparalleled care for your cherished companions. Our handpicked professionals are not only passionate animal enthusiasts but also seasoned experts, proficient in handling an array of breeds and behavioral temperaments. Your pets' well-being and happiness are our top priorities, and our team's collective experience ensures that every wagging tail and contented purr is nurtured to perfection.

Meticulously chosen for their unwavering commitment to excellence, our Cape Town pet sitters undergo a comprehensive vetting process that guarantees their proficiency and reliability in providing exceptional pet sitting services. At What a Treat, we understand that trust is earned, and our stringent selection reflects our determination to maintain the highest standards of care. This dedication to quality extends from the very core of our founder and director, Roxy, whose compassionate discernment in selecting sitters is a testament to her dedication to your pets' welfare.

Roxy's vision and passion infuse every facet of our team, resulting in a Cape Town pet sitting collective that mirrors her genuine love for animals. From playful pups to wise felines and every pet in between, our pet sitters possess an innate understanding of diverse needs, ensuring each animal feels secure and valued. When you choose What a Treat for pet sitting services in Cape Town, you're not just choosing a service – you're choosing a partnership with professionals who embrace your pets with the same affection you do.

Our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. What a Treat's exceptional pet sitting services and dedicated team have been nominated as one of Kfm Radio's Best of The Cape in the Service Provider category. This recognition further underscores our unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality care for your furry family members.

Our promise is simple: premier pet sitting services, unwavering dedication, and a personalized touch that creates an atmosphere of trust and comfort. Your pets aren't merely animals; they're treasured members of your family, and we pledge to treat them as such. Join us in experiencing a level of pet sitting in Cape Town that transcends the ordinary, where our team's expertise and compassion combine to form a haven of happiness and well-being for your beloved companions. At What a Treat, we don't just care for pets – we elevate their lives through outstanding pet sitting services in Cape Town.

Join Our Pet-loving Team!

Passionate about pets? We're looking for dedicated individuals to join our exceptional team at What a Treat. If you have a heart full of love for animals and a commitment to their well-being, we invite you to apply today.


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Your journey with us awaits!

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